Step 1: Matching Colors

Red to Red

While maintaining the club in square position without shifting it left or right at all, match the red on the glove to the red on the grip. Make sure your right hand lightly holds the club shaft ensuring it does not move from square position.

Step 2: Matching Colors

Blue to Blue

While maintaining the club in square position, match the blue spot on the glove to the blue spot on the grip. The yellow colors do not connect directly. They’re only there to ensure proper alignment of the color coordinates. By not connecting directly the club is guaranteed to remain held in the fingers and not the palm.

Step 3: Matching Colors

Green to Green

The club should remain lightly held in your fingers. To complete the perfect grip, line up the green on the glove thumb to the green on the grip.
You’ll know the grip is properly gripped if the thumb feels like it’s pinching the grip on the last color alignment .