How It Works
How It Works
Take your mouse and hover over each point!
The Perfect Golf Grip includes one glove and one grip with an instructional app​
There are four colors on the glove which correspond to four colors on the grip
Follow the instructions in the link below for proper color matching, glove to grip​
Immediately boost confidence by owning a professional golfer's grip
Click Here to view full instructions
The perfect golf grip includes one glove, one grip with an instructional app
Free app to access instructional materials downloadable to your device
Instructional content updated monthly to ensure you always have the latest material
Live one-on-one support to jump start your connection to the club
Easy as 1-2-3! Just match the colors to get the perfect grip
The only gripping aid legal in all competitive play- compete with ease
The perfect grip gives you the perfect shot every time
Official Partners of the Hurricane Junior Golf Tour (HJGT)
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About Perfect Golf Grip

Designed by teaching and playing professionals to provide a simple, easy and PERFECT Golf Grip
We all know how complicated golf can be. The Perfect Golf Grip is easy! Simply match the four colors on the glove to the four colors on the grip.

Is it Legal to use in competition?
Yes, PGG conforms to the rules of golf.

How do you re-grip the club?
You can take your club and grip to your local golf professional or golf shop to be fitted. If you have the correct equipment, you can do it yourself. 

Can I apply the grip on all my clubs?
Yes. The Perfect Golf Grip has a package that provides a full set for all clubs.

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